Let's unite against racist murders, hatred and fascism!

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The Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party (DSIP) condemned the racist slaughter in Konya, those who created the atmosphere of hatred that made this massacre possible, and called for a united struggle against fascism.

A terrible murder was committed in Konya Meram last night. The house where a Kurdish family lived was raided and 7 people were killed as a result of an armed attack. Then the house was set on fire. Yaşar Dedeoğulları, Barış Dedeoğulları, Serpil Dedeoğulları, Serap Dedeoğulları, İpek Dedeoğulları, Metin Dedeoğulları and Sibel Dedeoğulları lost their lives.

This dreadful slaughter was not unexpected to happen. The same family was attacked on May 12, their houses were raided by a crowd group saying "We are nationalists, we will not let you live here", and family members were injured with knives, stones and sticks. After this attack, 4 of the 6 people arrested were released at different times. The attacks on the Dedeoğlu family were followed by many NGOs, especially the IHD (Human Rights Foundation), lawyers and the media.

Mayor of Konya, Minister of Interior, Presidency’s Director of Communications and Iyi Party MPs argue that the issue has nothing to do with racism, but an individual attack. This is not true. Barış Dedeoğulları, whom we lost in yesterday's attack, said that in previous provocation the attackers said, “We will not accommodate Kurds here”. Yaşar Dedeoğulları also states that the political identity of the attackers is fascist. A relative of the family explains the reason for the attack as "because we are Kurds". The fact that not only this family but also other Kurdish families in Konya and also in other cities were attacked, and the murder of Deniz Poyraz in an armed attack reveal that this is not an isolated, individual incident.

The cause of this terrible massacre is racism. Those who committed the murder draw strength from the racist political atmosphere that has been going on for a while in Turkey. Those who target HDP (The Peoples' Democratic Party) and Kurds through HDP, newspapers targeting bar associations that draw attention to racist attacks, all politicians, academics and journalists targeting immigrants, those who fuel hostility towards Armenians, Greeks and Jews, those who deal with the ubiquitous forest fires, which are are clearly a result of the climate crisis, on racist grounds… The combination of all these, and especially the attitude of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Nationalist Movement Part (MHP)  alliance, has created an atmosphere of hatred in Turkey where everyone who is "the other" will feel insecure, and racist and discriminatory discourses and attitudes are easily brought to the fore.

It is this atmosphere that gives the judiciary the courage to release the attackers. The chief of police of the province, where the massacre took place, is someone who was the head of the Trabzon Intelligence Department and knew in advance that Hrant Dink would be killed. He was also on duty at the time of Priest Santoro murder and delayed sending the intelligence on the October 10 massacre. And despite all these facts he was still able to hold such a position due to this racist political ground.

All public officials who could not prevent this foreseeable massacre, especially the Governor of Konya and the Chief of Police, should resign. An investigation should be launched about everyone, who neglected their duty in the process leading up to the murders, including judiciary.

The atmosphere of lynching against immigrants after the murder of Deniz Poyraz and the massacre in Konya reveal how urgent the emergence of a mass movement against racism and fascism is. We need to unite and fight so that we don't experience these grave events, which are constantly dismissed as "individual" and even those who point to the political dimension of the issue are targeted by the spokespersons of the government. As all labor organizations, non-governmental organizations defending human rights, political parties, and all independent activists who oppose racism and hatred, we must build a movement that will defend the rights of all oppressed and others without "but". We can stop racism if we unite.

The Kurdish people are not alone!

Immigrants are not alone!

Armenians, Greeks, Jews are not alone!

Revolutionary Socialist Worker’s Party (DSIP)

General Executive Board