We stand with the people of Greece!

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The lives lost due to the wildfires in Greece have deeply saddened us all.

We’re facing a grave ecological disaster and the deaths of at least 76 people.

We extend our condolences to the relatives of those who have died and we share the pain of the people of Greece.

Here in Turkey 24 people lost their lives in a train accident two weeks ago. The failure of the Greek and Turkish states continues to bring death and misery for the poor on both sides of the Aegean.

After such tragedies ruling classes immediately begin to emphasise that these are “natural disasters”.

In fact, these casualities are caused by a disaster that is not at all natural: capitalism.

As a consequence of the austerity policies imposed on the Greek working class by the rulers of Europe, government spending on measures that could stop forest fires has been cut back.

Greek workers, made to lose the last penny in their pockets since the start of the global economic crisis, have now been made to pay the price with their lives.

We remember the solidarity shown by the people of Greece after the devastating earthquake in Turkey in 1999.

We will not let the racists celebrate a disaster in a neighbouring country.

We call on everybody to mobilise for solidarity with Greece – just like the Istanbul branches of the Health Workers’ Union have.

Borders belong to states; workers of all nations are sisters and brothers.

Long live class solidarity! Long live internationalism!

The Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party, Turkey (DSIP)